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Announcing the Procedures Manual- New for 2024

Updated: Feb 21

By Lighthouse Storage Solutions

Lighthouse Storage Solutions is pleased to announce a brand new resource for the Self Storage industry: the Procedures Manual. Like its title, this manual gets right to the point- running your self storage business.

Self storage is a unique industry, and each facility has it's own unique way of needing to be run. However, there are several over-arching principles that have been vetted and established as industry best-practices over the past several decades. Melissa Huff brings her 16 years of industry experience holding the various roles of Property Manager, VP of Operations, executive Director of AL, TN, and LA state associations, and Consultant to bear on this important addition to the self storage space. From running a single store to overseeing operations for more than 35, she has implemented and seen success from the principles and practices outlined in this manual.

This manual covers a variety of topics that can serve not only as a reference to current management teams, but also as a training resource for new employees. The manual is intended to be a tool suitable for any style of facility- single store, sister properties, hub & spoke, or remotely managed. It is meant to be adapted to address the specific needs and business preferences of each facility. Starting with general operational tasks and ending with maintenance and safety protocols, this manual also contains a drilled down approach to marketing and sales techniques, as well as customer service and phone skills. The best practices for collections and the lien process help round out a comprehensive approach to running virtually any self storage facility.


  • General Operations

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Rentals and Move Outs

  • Payments and Collections

  • Customer Service

  • Maintenance and Security

  • Safety and Emergencies

  • Corresponding Forms Handbook

You can purchase a copy of the Procedures Manual at our online store.

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