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How to Transform Potential Problem Tenants Into Valuable Customers

Updated: Jan 28

by Melissa Huff, originally published in the TSSA May/June '23 issue of Self-Storage News. Lighthouse Storage Solutions is a member of the Texas Self Storage Association.

The customer is the most critical aspect of our job, and they are the reason we are all here today. Our customers keep us on our toes and make our jobs interesting. In our impulsive society, we expect our needs to be met promptly, every time. Anyone that has spent any time at all in customer service would say they could write a book filled with stories about the crazy things their customers have done, and we in the storage industry are no exception. We may even have some of the best stories! 

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “the customer is always right”. This notion is not entirely true, and whoever coined that phrase probably never actually worked with the public... (read more)

Read the entire article on Self-Storage News from the Texas Self Storage Association May/June 2023 issue:


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