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Harnessing Self Storage Technology to Simplify Marketing

By Josh Huff, originally published at the SBOA in June, 2023

A marketing professional using technology to increase profits for a self storage facility.

It’s 2023 and the reality of our digital age is becoming increasingly evident. Self storage is no stranger to this trend. Technology has changed move-ins, locks, gates, payments, and even our regular interactions with tenants. Marketing has not gone untouched either, with more marketing “best-practices” and “must-have tools” hitting the industry daily. When occupancies were high, marketing may have been an afterthought. Perhaps it still is for you. However, increasing move-outs, an unpredictable economy, and relentless competition have made effective marketing not just important, but absolutely essential.

With a myriad of responsibilities to manage, you might be asking, “How can I possibly master marketing?” This is where technology comes to the rescue, simplifying complex tasks, offering tools and resources that were once accessible only to large corporations or marketing gurus. Over the next few sections, we’ll delve deeper into how technology can be your steadfast ally in overcoming marketing challenges, helping you showcase your facility like a seasoned pro.

Maximizing Efficiency with Technology

Increasing traffic to your facility through your website is hopefully top of mind for you as you think of marketing. Hopefully you already have a website in place where potential tenants can find and rent units. If not, we probably need to have a separate conversation. Google is still king by a wide margin for searches, and the two areas to focus on there are your paid ads and your organic search rankings. Paid ads, or pay-per-click, can be tricky, time consuming, and extremely expensive. The industry giants are shelling out $30 per click or more, crowding the same space smaller operators are trying to fill. This is where technology is your friend...(read more)

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