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Drone Pilot Creates Compilation of Self-Storage Aerial Footage

Originally published by Modern Storage Media (MSM) on April 26, 2024

For many in the self-storage industry, it will be a moment of zen. We’re talking about aerial views of self-storage facilities in glorious 4K for more than 10 minutes straight. The reel, created by drone pilot Joshua Huff, has been making the rounds on social media.


“This is a great way to create a wish list of what you want on your property, learning just how many color options there are for doors, or zoning out for a few as you get lost in the aerial imagery,” says Huff.


Along with his wife Melissa, Huff co-owns the Hixson, Tennessee-based Lighthouse Storage Solutions. Together, they provide practical solutions to the self-storage industry, from consulting to training, marketing to website design. And of course, drone photo and video services... (read more at Modern Storage Media)

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